Mother Trains to save up for Special Needs Child

Mother Trains to save up for Special Needs Child

Najmusaher came to Govandi in 2005 from Darbhanga Bihar. Najmusaher’s husband works as an embroiderer of ‘zari’ (gold brocade) on fabrics.  She has 5 children and one of them, Maviya her nine-year-old boy has issues with his hearing, response and speaking.

Doctors at Nair hospital and Ali Yavar Jung, National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities examined Maviya and gave him a hearing aid and therapy.

Apnalaya supported Maviya for his admission in 2014 to the Rochiram Thadani Special School and provided financial assistance for fees and hearing aid maintenance.

Najmusaher’s concern was the regular maintenance of the hearing aid, as the parts are costly and not easily available. She was keen to find some means of augmenting the family income. She became a member of the self-help group and went through a 3-month training program in sewing and tailoring. Apnalaya launched the Svavlamban program, which is an initiative to make women self-reliant. Najmusaher joined this group of 30 women of Shivaji Nagar Govandi. She is now able to design and sew handbags, purses, and apparel using natural fabrics like cotton and jute. She has become an accomplished seamstress and her earnings have helped her begin some savings for Maviya and cater to the maintenance of his hearing aid.

As for Maviya, after completing three years in a special school his speech has improved and he is now studying in a regular school where he has got a promotion to a higher grade due to his academic performance.


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