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Development Targets of Mission 24 


  • 1x Maternity Home
  • 5x Health Posts
  • 3x Dispensaries

Education & Accessibility

  • 1 x Secondary School
  • 1 x College
  • Making Schools Disabled Friendly
  • Learning Centres for School Dropouts
  • ICDS Aanganwadis

Open Space & Inclusion

  • 1 x Playground Development/ Makeover
  • 1 x Recreation Ground Development/ Makeover

Sanitation & Dignity

  • Refurbishment of existing community toilet blocks (MCGM & MHADA)
  • Development of New Toilet Block with MCGM & MHADA.
  • Focus on women’s and children safety and dignity
  • Decentralised, Community-based waste management with MCGM

Public Space & Commuter Safety

  • Mankhurd – Vashi Road
  • Station Area Development / Public Space Makeovers at Govandi and Mankhurd

By empowering the poor and reducing inequalities, let us all be catalysts in making Mumbai a more sustainable and humane world class city. With collective strength, Mission 24 has the makings of the largest voluntary initiative with a multi-stakeholder participation for a common goal – Mumbai coming together for M-East.

Working closely with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), Mission 24 will strive to be a best-practice model of better living through active participation from civil society, private sector, non-government organisations and local stakeholders to boost the government’s efforts to improve living conditions of M-East ward.

Mission 24 agents of change are working with the MCGM at multiple tiers of governance and facilitate periodic review and updates on the mission progress with the Municipal Commissioner, Additional Municipal Commissioner (Eastern Suburbs), Ward Officer (M-East), the Development Planning Department, Elected Representatives and Local Stakeholders. It will strive to make available financial and technical resources from the non-government/ private sector to initiate small and large projects, in consultation with the MCGM, within a transparent and not-for-profit framework.


  • M East ward encompasses an area of 3819.71 hectares, approximately 6% of Mumbai’s total land area.

  • While industrial areas are located only in Majithia and Deonar, around 23% of the total residential area remain underdeveloped. 

  • In terms of Human Development Indices,  the area is ranked last among Mumbai’s total 24 wards.

*Source: MCGM’s DP data & HDR 2009